Saturday, April 21, 2012

Peyton...the 6 year old

Well this boy turned 6 February 27th.  However, since these last few months have been a whirlwind and this birthday boy would  NOT let me take his 6 year old pictures they did not get posted until now.  I finally got some leverage to bribe him into letting me take his 6 year old pictures.  He got a slushy from Sonic and got to go to the baseball game with dad, but only after he completed the shoot :)  I am having to get creative lately!! 
So here are some precious, if I do say so myself, pictures of my growing little boy! 

Just for my own personal memory...this boy is into playing outside, making his own lunches, helping his mommy around the house, sleeping/snugggling with his mommy, going to baseball games with daddy, riding his bike around the neighborhood to pick up trash, doing his homework, reading, wearing mismatched socks to school each day, making lemonade by himself, writing little notes and posting them all over the house, making crafts with Grama, and going to Granny and  Grandpa's to play/work on the farm.  Love him so!!!  :)


  1. So precious. The photos capture him totally. A very special little person. Love him so too. Granny

  2. Such a sweet little 6year boy! You captured him very well. Thanks!

  3. Gorgeous little fello & I love this Post....So incredibles Cute & Colourful Posts....