Thursday, May 3, 2012

My sweet friend Lyndsy at 7 months...

I have known this special lady since she appeared in my husband's science class as  his student.  Then to have her as my kids only babysitter as she grew up and went to high school and college.  Then to spend time with her at our church, work alongside her teaching, having her assist me in my photography business, being my biggest word-of-mouth advertiser :), and one of my closest friends through all these years.  I am honored to be able to experience her pregnancy with her, take pictures of this beautiful, glowing soon-to-be Momma, and eventually take this sweet little boy's newborn pictures and many, many more!!! In only a few weeks we will get to meet this wonderful little guy, and this sweet lady's life will be turned upside down!!! ;)  Can't wait!!!